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The Best Travel Games for Little Travelers

In this day and age it is very easy to remind your kids to grab their iPods, iPads, etc and think they will be good to go for a long trip. My three boys think their iPhones are the best things to ever happen to them, but it inevitably happens that halfway through a trip they start complaining of being bored. As great as these little devices are, they are not the only option for long car rides or plane trips. I have a small bag of travel games that goes from the car to the closet and back! That…

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The ultimate guide to New York City at Christmas

Christmas in New York City brings to mind so many famous movies. Whether you want to see the NYC of Elf, Home Alone 2, Miracle on 34th Street, Serendipity, or one of many Hallmark Christmas movies, you will be able to find it. The great thing is that the magic of New York City at Christmas is so much better than what you see in the movies. It’s boisterous, jollier, and so very much bigger! NYC can be an overwhelming place under any circumstance, but to try to see everything with the Christmas crowds and NYC becomes a logistical nightmare.…

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Holiday Lights at Lake Compounce in Connecticut

6 years ago, we decided to spend Christmas at home in Connecticut. Just Jason, me and the kids. If you have followed this blog at all, I’m sure you have gathered that I have a very large family, so the choice to spend Christmas at home was a new one. It terrified me at first, but Jason was really wanting a quieter holiday. (I never want a quiet day ever!) So I made up my mind that we were going to have the best Christmas ever and soak up every morsel of fun to be had. Our first foray into…

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Christmas by Candlelight at Old Sturbridge Village

Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is a recreated colonial village that teaches visitors about life at the time of the birth of the United States. On a normal visit costumed staff will lead you to visit various shops and homes while hands-on activities teach you about life in the 1700s.  It is a popular place for school field trips in Southern New England and it is totally worth spending an afternoon here any time of the year. But on December weekends candle light begins to glitter through the trees, and you get to experience one of the best Christmas…

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How to see Cusco and the Sacred Valley in 4 1/2 Days

I’d like to introduce my husband, Jason! He kindly wrote this post for me. So enjoy! When my oldest son, Carter, was 4 years old he was really into tropical rainforests and desperately wanted to visit one.  Since I had just graduated from college and started my own business, I didn’t have any money for travel, so I told him I would take him when he was 14.  Ten years seemed like sufficient time to build my business and for him to forget about the rainforest.  Unfortunately for me, ten years later he promptly reminded me about my promise, so…

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