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The Traveler’s Christmas Wishlist

Are you looking for a gift for an avid traveler in your life? Not sure what to buy? This is not your average gift list. Every item on this list has been used for more than 2 years on more than 14 different trips. These are real deal value! Here is a list of gifts that any traveler would love. They have been vetted by our family and they are all things we truly enjoy and know that others would enjoy as well! In other words, we use each and everyone one of these items and prefer them over anything…

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Quebec City at Christmas- The Ultimate Planning Guide

I have put off writing this post, not because I don’t know what is fabulous about Quebec City at Christmas, but because it is near and dear to my heart. I don’t want to mess this post up! But then I realized I just have to show you pictures, and you will all be clamoring to go! My family has spent the last 5 Christmases in Quebec City, Canada. Some of them have been with our extended family and some just our little family. We keep going there because once we realized how fabulous it is, we couldn’t stop ourselves…

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Why Ottawa? Why not?

When we planned a trip to Ottawa over Columbus Day the question we got over and over was “Why Ottawa?” to which we replied “why not?” We have explored Canada extensively, why not visit its capitol city? I’ll be honest, once we decided to visit, I was a little underwhelmed with the information I could find on Ottawa. Apparently lots of people think Ottawa is not a vacation spot. But I had a few ideas in mind and was confident we could spend two days there with enough entertainment. Well, I am here to tell you that Ottawa is charming…

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5 things you must do in the Berkshires this fall

5 Things you must do in the Berkshires this Fall How many of you are James Taylor fans? If you are you know the verse in Sweet Baby James that talks about the Berkshires in winter. I have wanted to visit the magical sounding Berkshires since I first heard that song in high school. Well it turns out the Berkshires are just as magical as I’d hoped, but my favorite time to visit is in the fall. The Berkshires are a rural area in the southwest corner of Massachusetts. They are famous for outdoor activities, leaf peeping and being the…

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A fall weekend in New Haven, Connecticut

Most people think of Yale when they think of New Haven, Connecticut. If they think of New Haven at all, that is. When my husband and I moved to Connecticut many years ago, I think the only thing I knew about Connecticut at all was Yale. Almost 20 years later, I know a few more things about Connecticut. For example, do you know there is no real name for a person from Connecticut? Someone from Virginia is called a Virginian, Washington a Washingtonian, etc. Someone from Connecticut is a . . . . Connecticutter? Most people say they are Nutmeggers…

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