Do you want homeschool to be fun?

Do you need ready made social studies and art classes?

I completely understand the day-to-day challenges that arise from schooling your kids.

Some days are smooth and others are not at all. Depending on the subject they are in they may get it done quickly or waste the whole day!

Some days, even a very basic question can lead to a full blown battle. That’s why I’m here! My name is Alicia and I have been teaching for over 20 years and I’d like to help you discover how to make homeschooling fun and to make your kids beg to do their work!

And so without further ado, let’s do some exploring into how I can help you reach your goals.

Ready-made weekly lessons in Social Studies and Art

  • Mosaics of famous Italian locations
  • Painting Greek pottery
  • Delicious treat from Ecuador
  • Traditional German Stars
  • Foil Elephants
  • Maori Masks

Before we dive into the program itself ask yourself the following questions:

Am I…

  • interested in an easy to follow lesson that will build on itself.

  • having weekly art projects that are easy for kids of all ages and that tie into the social studies lesson?

  • chat with your kids about countries near and far?

  • ready to try new, authentic recipes with my kids?

This is a novel way to teach social studies to your kids. We need to get out of the habit of teaching to teach and start teaching to learn.

With this program your child will learn with a lot of different touch points allowing them to understand and retain what they know about each country.

Studies show that simultaneous subject learning increases retention. When you add fun activities the retention increases.



Ready for 12 Weeks of Exploration?

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a pro, there’s never been a better way to see the world than through our incredible 12-week program. Here’s what you can expect

  • Interesting facts and stories from each country (usually only available through locals and tour guides)

  • Delicious authentic recipes with detailed instructions

  • Unique arts and crafts opportunities that kids love

  • Cultural entertainment through music, books, and movies

    And so much more!

This incredible program has two pricing tiers: 12 countries in 12 weeks for just $149.99 or our special promotion of 6 countries for just $39.99

By taking action today, you could find yourself with one thing on your long list done! You will have 3 months of social studies and art planned!

By purchasing this exclusive package deal, you’ll have the leg work completed for you. No research required!
In turn, you can sit back and enjoy a truly memorable experience with the people you love most.
Get started today. Click the link below to order!

But if you buy before July 31st you can take advantage of a very special offer!

Visit 6 countries for $39.99 

A $80 dollar value! 

Act fast because this is offer expires on July 31st!

Here are some examples of projects you will find in this program

Our family has loved Travel the World from Home. We really enjoyed Thailand and making the foil elephants. My kids look forward to the new country each week and I love making new recipes. (some are super easy, but a few are complicated, but everything has been delicious!)


-Heather F.-