How to Travel the World

even if you are in Quarantine!

If going abroad with your entire family sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone.

At Travels With The Crew, I completely understand the day-to-day challenges that arise from traveling with kids.

Getting them packed is a huge achievement in itself!

That’s why I’m here! My name is Alicia and my family and I travel for 6 weeks out of the year while holding down regular jobs. But I know that isn’t possible for everyone and I’d like to help you discover how to make travel easy, fun, and rewarding – even from the comfort of your home.

And so without further ado, let’s do some exploring into how Travel the World from Home can help you!


Unforgettable International Experiences At Home

Before we dive into the amazing travels you can experience from no place else but home, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I…

  • ready to try new, authentic cuisines?

  • interested in learning more about diverse cultures? • prepared to enjoy family bonding like never before? • excited to watch international films?

  • eager to mix up the day-to-day conversations?

Just because you can’t physically make it to distant places doesn’t mean you can’t embrace an authentic experience!

Ready for 12 Weeks of Exploration?​

If you’re serious about family travel, there’s never been a better way to see the world than through our incredible 12-week program. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Interesting facts and stories from each country (usually only available through locals and tour guides)

  • Delicious authentic recipes with detailed instructions

  • Unique arts and crafts opportunities that kids love

  • Cultural entertainment through music, books, and movies

And so much more!
This incredible program delivers 1 country every other week for just a special price of $12 per month (Regularly $32 per month)

Just imagine having 2 fabulous countries to visit each month for less than a meal out!

But hurry because this pricing only lasts until August 1st!

  • By taking action today, you could find yourself in places like Morocco, France, or Italy tomorrow. By purchasing this exclusive package deal, you’ll have the leg work completed for you. No research required!
    In turn, you can sit back and enjoy a truly memorable experience with the people you love most.
    Get started today. Click the link below to order!

Our family has loved Travel the World from Home. We really enjoyed Thailand and making the foil elephants. My kids look forward to the new country each week and I love making new recipes. (some are super easy, but a few are complicated, but everything has been delicious!)


-Heather F.-