Family Adventure Awaits!

Are you ready to go Abroad?

"We have had more fun this past week than we have in months!"- Lisa M.

How to Travel the World from Home

Travel the World from Home was designed to help families connect while learning about the world!

You will be able to “travel” to 12 different countries through games, movies, music, crafts and recipes. 

Each country you visit will give you hours of fun!

Here is a peek at what you get when you travel each country:

Delicious recipes from your country with step by step instructions.

A craft or activity the whole family will enjoy (supplies listed but not included)

 A link to books, music, and movies that have been chosen for each country.

A game or activity for each country. 

Plus supplemental activity sheets, coloring sheets and crosswords.

Unforgettable International Experiences At Home

Before we dive into the amazing travels you can experience from no place else but home, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I….

If going abroad with your entire family sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone.

Just because you can’t physically make it to distant places doesn’t mean you can’t embrace an authentic experience!

Are You Ready for 12 Weeks of Exploration?

If you’re serious about family travel, there’s never been a better way to see the world than through our incredible 12-week program. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Interesting facts and stories from each country (usually only available through locals and tour guides)

  • Delicious authentic recipes with detailed instructions

  • Unique arts and crafts opportunities that kids love

  • Cultural entertainment through music, books, and movies

And so much more!

And because we want you to experience the fun of travel from home we are offering an absolutely FREE guide to Japan!
If you love it like we think you will, you will be able to purchase additional countries for less than $20 per month.

While you visit Japan from home you will learn a fabulous recipe for Yaki Udon (with homemade noodles), watch your choice of movie about Japan, learn how to do Japanese calligraphy, read books about Japan and enjoy a really cool salt art activity.

Travel around the World from Home was developed for travel loving families everywhere. It has found its audience with families with all kinds of interests.

It is a way to explore the world and enjoy learning new things all within the safety of your home. 

This program works best for families with kids ages 5-18, but I have had single people love it, as well as empty nesters. There is something for everyone.

As long as you love spending time together and learning through fun, you will love Travel the World from Home!

Hi I’m Alicia! You can pick me out in the picture because I’m surrounded by boys!

My family and I travel all the time. 

I run a travel blog called

When we can’t travel we still like to learn about the world.

I hope you will join us!

Our family has loved Travel the World from Home. We really enjoyed Thailand and making the foil elephants. My kids look forward to the new country each week and I love making new recipes. (some are super easy, but a few are complicated, but everything has been delicious!)

-Heather F.-