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31 Road Trip Essentials

Spring break is coming up and so begins the half loved, half hated family road trip! When my husband and I were first married, we found road trips to be relaxing and adventurous. You could hop in the car and drive until you found something wonderful. Three kids later, road trips are less relaxing and much better planned, but they can still be adventurous! We take a 2-4 hour road trip almost monthly, and a longer one a number of times of year. I can honestly say that we have it down to a science now.  Click here for our…

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How to decorate your Airbnb for Christmas

Our family had our first foray in Christmas Travel 10 years ago. I’m not talking about travel during Christmas break, but actually traveling over Christmas day. My parents, siblings, and all our spouses and kids decided to go to Alsace, France, for Christmas. We were delightfully under prepared for our usual Christmas traditions. We ended up buying a package of men’s socks that we decorated with sharpie to fill in for stockings. We couldn’t find yeast for our traditional Christmas morning monkeybread. And aside from the tree our host bought and decorated, we didn’t really have decorations. We ended up…

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The Best Travel Games for Little Travelers

In this day and age it is very easy to remind your kids to grab their iPods, iPads, etc and think they will be good to go for a long trip. My three boys think their iPhones are the best things to ever happen to them, but it inevitably happens that halfway through a trip they start complaining of being bored. As great as these little devices are, they are not the only option for long car rides or plane trips. I have a small bag of travel games that goes from the car to the closet and back! That…

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The Traveler’s Christmas Wishlist

Are you looking for a gift for an avid traveler in your life? Not sure what to buy? This is not your average gift list. Every item on this list has been used for more than 2 years on more than 14 different trips. These are real deal value! Here is a list of gifts that any traveler would love. They have been vetted by our family and they are all things we truly enjoy and know that others would enjoy as well! In other words, we use each and everyone one of these items and prefer them over anything…

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How to score really cheap flights with Skyscanner

Skyscanner is my number one travel tool. I really don’t ever travel without it and here is why you should use it, too! Stop what you are doing and download it now and follow along to learn how to use this powerful tool. Cheap flights are a few clicks away. Download the free skyscanner app: Skyscanner iOS App Download or Skyscanner Android App Download My family and I travel a lot. So much so that people ask me questions they would normally be too polite to ask. They ask, “How do you afford to travel all the time?” I understand the…

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