Holiday Lights at Lake Compounce in Connecticut

6 years ago, we decided to spend Christmas at home in Connecticut. Just Jason, me and the kids. If you have followed this blog at all, I’m sure you have gathered that I have a very large family, so the choice to spend Christmas at home was a new one. It terrified me at first, but Jason was really wanting a quieter holiday. (I never want a quiet day ever!) So I made up my mind that we were going to have the best Christmas ever and soak up every morsel of fun to be had. Our first foray into…

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A fall weekend in New Haven, Connecticut

Most people think of Yale when they think of New Haven, Connecticut. If they think of New Haven at all, that is. When my husband and I moved to Connecticut many years ago, I think the only thing I knew about Connecticut at all was Yale. Almost 20 years later, I know a few more things about Connecticut. For example, do you know there is no real name for a person from Connecticut? Someone from Virginia is called a Virginian, Washington a Washingtonian, etc. Someone from Connecticut is a . . . . Connecticutter? Most people say they are Nutmeggers…

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New England Fall Foliage-Give Southern New England A Try!

Southern New England has fabulous foliage too. Don’t fret if Vermont is booked, here are some amazing alternatives.

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