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The Most Comprehensive Virtual Travel Program Available


Virtual Travel will help your family learn about the world and have fun in the process!

Travel the World from Home was designed to help families like yours connect with each other while learning about the world.The program is easy and fuss free. You will receive instructions to “travel” to 2 countries per month and this is what is included:

*Travel the World from Home will teach you new recipes from around the world.

*Travel the World from Home will teach you a traditional game for each country.

*Travel the World from home will get your family creating their own “souvenirs.”

*Travel the World from Home will introduce you to cultural music, film, dance, traditions and more.

*Book recommendations, YouTube resources, and supplemental worksheets!

Imagine what your family life would be like if…

You could try new authentic recipes each week!

You had a family activity a few times each week that everyone looked forward too!

You had new and interesting things to add into day to day conversations.

Your kids were learning and having fun at the same time.

With Travel the World from Home you can enjoy family time while learning new and interesting things...TOGETHER.

Why join in our travel?

Fun weeknights

Spend time together

Watch movies from around the world

Traditional games

Arts and crafts fro all ages

Money back guarantee! You and your family will have fun or I will personally refund you!

Welcome! Travel the World from home was born when our travel loving family had 3 vacations cancelled in 2020. One of the involved a trip to the Middle East where my sister was to be married.

We were down in the dumps and I decided that we had to find a way to get the fun of travel even if we couldn’t travel right now. We started creating fun things to do for a “virtual trip” and gradually we began to look forward to the evenings when we would get together and “travel. 

I have found that as I shared the program with friends and family they loved it as much as we did and I couldn’t keep it to myself. 

As more and more families have discovered “Travel the World from Home” I find that my favorite comments are the ones that talk about how great it is to spend time as a family!

I hope that you will feel the same way soon!

Join Hundred's of families who are having fun again!

How my family bonded with Travel the World from Home:

“We look forward to our weekends together and a new craft.”   Abbi F.

“The kids love learning about how other kids live.”  Sarah H.

“The recipes are very easy to follow and amazing.”  Tam L.

“I loved the Moravian stars!” Denise A.

“It sure beats doing another puzzle!!” Brad R.




Why should you do Travel the World form Home instead of another program?

NO other Virtual Travel program is geared toward families!

There are no shipping fees and no waiting for boxes to arrive. 

You can do it in your own time and in your own speed.

Made for ages 5-95.

What you get:



Travel the World from Home program

$15 per month

Buy 6 country package of Travel the World from Home