15 Reasons not to go to Alaska in the Spring

Alaska in April is still in the middle of  winter weather unlike most of the US, and many attractions don’t open until May or June.   Here is what you can expect in Alaska in April and what you might miss by going to Alaska in the Spring.

Here are the things you will miss out on....


Restaurants: Most in-town restaurants were closed for the season. –Wildlife: Although you can still take a wildlife cruise in Seward in the Spring, you will miss out on the longer, more in-depth cruises. –Dogsledding: Every Dogsled outfit we looked into was closed in April.

Seward in The Spring

-Most of the park is still closed in April, so you will miss out on many of the attractions. -National Park bus tours are not operating.

Denali National Park

You may not see the Northern Lights: The best time to see the Northern Lights is from August to early April, but they are not guaranteed. You are much more likely to see them other months! -The weather is still chilly: Alaska is known for its cold weather, and in April, the average high is only 40-50degrees Fahrenheit. Definitely not freezing, but not normal Spring Break weather. -The Scenery isn’t green yet making for a more monochromatic look: Alaska is a very green state in the summer, but in the Spring, it is still mostly brown and white.

More Reasons not to visit in the Spring

Most of the hiking trails are closed or snow and ice covered.

There are, however, some great reasons to visit Alaska in the shoulder season... Want to know the reasons?  Swipe up

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