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Planning our travel for 2019 with Rocketbook

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It’s the new year and, therefore, time to pretend that I am super organized! I really do mean to be, it’s just not something I do really well. But I do love to plan trips!

Normally we sit down and plan out the trips we want to take for the year. I scribble it down on a scrap piece of paper and promptly lose it! This year I am trying something new. I am writing down our plans for the year in my new Rocketbook.

The Rocketbook is a multi use notebook that syncs to your phone. When you are done using it you can erase it with water and the included rag. I’m hoping that syncing to my phone will make me less likely to lose it. Before you begin download the Rocketbook app.

Here is the Rocketbook!

It comes with 36 erasable pages, the special pilot FriXion pen, and a microfiber rag.

I wrote my big goals for travel in 2019 on the first page. It has a pen and paper feel, but the pen doesn’t write quite as smoothly as it would on paper. After writing my goals I scanned the qr code in the bottom left of the page. This is what it looks like!

You then decide where you would like the image to go. I picked my email.

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This is the preview of what it will look like. This is now stored in the Rocketbook app and my email.


Here is another example with the destinations we have planned for 2019!

These are the destinations we are planning for in 2019! ¬†We have an ambitious list, but we have already checked Boston off the list. I used the microfiber rag with a little bit of water to erase the numbers 10-15 because I didn’t need them.

In summary:

After using the Rocketbook for a few weeks, I can say that it is a great tool. I love that I am using a tool that saves paper, helps me keep track of things, and allows me to doodle! I am a doodler.

The pen doesn’t write quite as smoothly as one would on real paper, but I have gotten used to it pretty quickly.

Overall, I am hopeful that I can do more goal setting this year and be able to actually remember where I set the goals! I can’t wait to flesh out the details of our trips on the Rocketbook.

Where would you like to see us travel in 2019? Or better yet, where are you going in 2019?

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Where we are traveling in 2019. #destinationideas



Rocketbook was sent to me to try, but all opinions are my own.





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