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Hotels vs. Home rental

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When our family goes on longer vacation we tend to stay in home rentals. With the advent of Airbnb we have even stayed in a home over a long weekend. A number of people have asked us why we tend to favor home rental, so I thought I would do a pro and con of hotel vs. home rental.

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Generally it comes down to price for us. For a family of 5 we have more room for about the same price with a house rental than a hotel. I also prefer feeling like I am living in the place I am visiting, and I love to be able to cook at night when the kids are tired of being out and need to eat something familiar. I come by this honestly. My parents turned their noses down at anything less than an old farmhouse or a thatched cottage well before there was the Internet. They would hear of something from a friend of a friend and away we would go. With and Airbnb it is so much easier today!

Hotels vs. Home rental or Airbnb vs. Hotel

In the end, whatever you feel most comfortable in, is the best choice for you and your family. However, if you have never tried a home rental, you might give it a try on your next trip.

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