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16 Day trips from Boston

Boston is a great place to visit and it has enough to do to occupy you for days. But it is also a fabulous hub to see every state in New England! Day trips from Boston can take you to beaches, mountains, large cities and rolling hills. In short, Boston is the gateway to your New England adventure. In fact, with our list, you can see every single New England State in a day trip from Boston. We have lived in New England for the past 20 years, so we have personally done every day trip on this list. Each…

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Charleston vs. Savannah-comparing Southern towns

People often think of Charleston and Savannah when they think of historic Southern cities. They are  close in proximity (90 miles away) and similar in attractions. So how do you decide which one to visit? My pick would be to do both! However if time and money doesn’t allow for that, here is information to allow you to make a great choice. Charleston feels like a little slice of the Caribbean in the United States.  Brightly colored single room wide homes a lined up in an orderly fashion. Palm trees line the cobblestone streets and gently sway in the sea…

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Where to stay in New York City

We have lived in a suburb of New York City for 20 years and have grown to know New York City very well.  The question people always ask when they want to visit is: Where is the best place to stay? My answer depends on who is asking, and what they want to do. New York is a big place, and there isn’t one right answer. Read on to find the very best place to stay, whether you are traveling with your family, by yourself or with your sweetheart and the best deal for your dollar! Not sure what you…

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The Ultimate Guide to NYC for first timers

This city is so amazing it needs many names to describe it: The Big Apple, Gotham, The Center of The Universe, The Empire City, etc. (I always wondered why “The Big Apple” and found that it was named after a book on horse racing, but the name didn’t gain popularity until a 1970’s campaign.) No matter what you call it, New York City has something for everyone and can easily be a family friendly destination with a little planning. The city can be overwhelming for kids and grownups as well, the subway is confusing to some, the noise of traffic…

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Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine, is probably best known as the summer home of the Bush family. It is a fishing village on the southern shore of Maine. In the summer it is a very busy place with tourists and beach goers. At Christmastime it is a busy place again as Kennebunkport hosts Christmas Prelude, a two-week-long Christmas festival. The festival is widely attended, and Kennebunkport has been voted the number two Christmas town in the the United States by HGTV! I have had this on my Christmas to do list for nearly a decade, but work pressures, kids school events, and general…

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