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Travel ideas and inspiration for family travel to Europe.

Ireland for a Honeymoon

Ireland is the best place to honeymoon. The romantic castles that are in every small town, the winding roads boarders by hedgerows, and the variety of things to do make Ireland a romantic vacation spot.

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My Perfect Irish Brown Bread

This perfect Irish brown bread is nutty, slightly sweet, tender and so delicious!

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Edinburgh with kids

Welcome to part 2 of our Scottish adventure. If you haven’t read part 1, click here It seems the Edinburgh is a word no American can manage to say. You have probably heard it pronounced rhyming with Pittsburgh. You may have heard the popular Edinboro or Edinburrow. But the Scots pronounce it Edinbruh. However, try saying that without a Scottish accent and it feels overly precious. However, you pronounce it you can be assured that someone will correct you! Why can’t we all agree to disagree? With only 2 days in Edinburgh we had a lot of ground to cover…

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Copenhagen With Your Kids

Copenhagen is a city even a kid enjoys! Playgrounds line each street corner, entrance fees for kids are almost non existent, and you will find children in fine dining establishments. The Danes know how to make things family friendly.

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How To Do Scotland In One Week

Scotland is a large country, but with these tips you can see it in one week. All it takes is some clever planning.

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