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Visit Toronto with CityPASS

We are self-proclaimed Canada lovers and have had our eye on Toronto for a very long time! I think it wasn’t at the top of our list because we dismissed it as a big city that doesn’t have as much history as New York or Chicago. I don’t know why I do that! Why prejudged place you have never been? But I did it and I apologize Toronto! You are way cooler than I imagined. Toronto is a big city, the 4th largest in North America to be exact. It recently beat out Chicago to make it the 4th largest,…

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Quebec City at Christmas- The Ultimate Planning Guide

I have put off writing this post, not because I don’t know what is fabulous about Quebec City at Christmas, but because it is near and dear to my heart. I don’t want to mess this post up! But then I realized I just have to show you pictures, and you will all be clamoring to go! My family has spent the last 5 Christmases in Quebec City, Canada. Some of them have been with our extended family and some just our little family. We keep going there because once we realized how fabulous it is, we couldn’t stop ourselves…

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Why Ottawa? Why not?

When we planned a trip to Ottawa over Columbus Day the question we got over and over was “Why Ottawa?” to which we replied “why not?” We have explored Canada extensively, why not visit its capitol city? I’ll be honest, once we decided to visit, I was a little underwhelmed with the information I could find on Ottawa. Apparently lots of people think Ottawa is not a vacation spot. But I had a few ideas in mind and was confident we could spend two days there with enough entertainment. Well, I am here to tell you that Ottawa is charming…

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Prince Edward Island Part 2

If you have never heard of Prince Edward Island, you are missing out! The miles of warm, red sand beaches, the beautiful scenery, biking trails from one end to the next. Here a your guide to summer fun.

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Prince Edward Island and Anne of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island is our family’s very favorite vacation spot! Red dirt roads, beaches stretching on forever, Anne of Green Gables, and the warmest water north of the Carolinas. Here is you guide to a blissful trip.

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