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Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

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I love it when I find something new to do new to do in New England! The Bridge of Flowers in charming Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, is something to see in the spring and summer. This bridge is a 400-foot long bridge that carried trolleys in an earlier life. In the 1930s the local women’s club began to transform the recently defunct bridge into a garden.


I wish I knew how many gardeners it took to keep up this unique flowerbed, but I imagine it could take 4-8 people most of the day to maintain it.

But beautifully maintained the bridge of flowers is, and you will be hard pressed to stop taking pictures of the best of varieties. You will quickly discover that the bridge is nothing but the best varieties.

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I know gardens aren’t always everyone’s favorite, but this unique one with a scenic overlook to the river below will charm anyone. No long walking involved, benches along the way, and lots of amazing smells.

My little guy who has never shown any interest in anything I garden was smelling the phlox to see which one smelled the best. When we got home I showed him the phlox in our garden, and he now smells it every morning!

While you are there visit the glacial potholes. You can easily walk across the main road from the flower bridge entrance. You can view these geological curiosities that were made over 100 million years ago by water that created a whirlpool and ground down the granite like a drill. These are supposed to be the best collection of glacial potholes in the US.


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The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts is a great summer destination. Flowers as far as the eye can see! #newenglandtravel #shelburnefalls #gardentour

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