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Brattleboro, VT

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When you think of Vermont do you picture rolling hills of deciduous trees, beautiful streams, and a scent of maple syrup in the air? You would be mostly right! In Brattleboro it was the scent of cheese in the air that drew us to it. More specifically the Grafton Village Cheese company.

Brattleboro is a nature lovers paradise. There are trails for walking and hiking, rivers for fishing, biking trails with gorgeous surroundings, and a darling downtown.
Truly there is something for everyone here.

Brattleboro Vermont HikeIMG_0115
We spent our morning in Brattleboro hiking on one of those trails. Our new puppy, Pippin, came with us and enjoyed all the smells. After our hike we wandered around downtown, window shopping and ice cream eating.

But the main event for us was the Grafton Village Cheese Company. Did you know there was a name for cheese lovers? It is turophile. And we are a family of turophiles! But the greatest among us is my husband. This cheese shop was his candy store, and his eyes were huge as we surveyed this turophile dream. Everywhere you look there are cheeses out for the tasting. Most of them veer toward the basic cheddar but in every variation possible.

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Grafton Valley Cheese in Brattleboro Vermont
However, the center of the store has a large counter with enormous blocks of cheese. They are still local cheeses, but the variety is overwhelming. The employees cut slice after slice for you to nibble and amaze over. After 30 min of tasting, I couldn’t remember what I liked in the first place, but my husband kept on for a full hour, chatting with the very knowledgeable cheese monger about his favorite cheeses and being introduced to some of his new favorites. Meanwhile, I ate nearly half a jar of lemon curd on sampling crackers.
We came home with pounds of cheese and more than a few dollars short. But well worth it!

Grafton Village CheeseIMG_0108

If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest this stop. Truly one of the best finds in a long time.

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